Makes You Wonder - Heartstrings

Site-specific temporary installation, Gamla gatan, Orebro

Material: Printed media with adhesive
Size: each letter 35 x 35cm
Geometrical figure: 450 x 750cm

The work is a play with words applied on the tiles of the pavement, spread along the street in an anagram-pattern, which rearranged builds a sentence. Two geometrical shapes were also placed between the words. They were created using perspective to give the idea of ​​volumetric objects as an island of rest.

For a few weeks the use of the street changed, there was clearly another rhythm walking through the alley. The work had intention to shake up some curiosity. To be found was young people playing around, trying to figure out the words.

People make places more than places makes people so public space could offer many more positive situations to the ones living and visiting in urban societies. Being part of the city is a new trend to make consciousness and feel respect. Setting up a temporary place to meet, play or simply “hang out” where passersby get some awareness and feel a difference is always a good vibe.

We worked with a sentence that spread all along the street in two languages: Swedish and English.

“When you are feeling rushed and in a hurry, maybe it’s time
to stop and appreciate the wonder all around you.”