OverLOAD    submotion  subversion  submission



The acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the power of one's superior or superiors

An attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority,
and hierarchy 

A prefix, something small (sub-), the Underground (sub-way), being a substitute for
someone, a sandwich or underwater vehicle (submarine). Progression from one place to another (motion), feel, sense, estimate (e-motions). 


In transfer
without papers, without home, stress from all sides, motionless waiting to arrive somewhere safe, empty and afraid.



OVERLOAD  Installation:

Material: wood, recycled plastic, tape, metal, clothes,
LCD-screen, plastic bowl, casted hands, strap, hinges.
Size: 300x350x250cm (each house)

Three buildings
all made with thin battens, one only with three walls; it creates an open space
in the middle where a pile of colorful clothes lay. On top is a small LCD-screen with a fast time-lapse; a row of faces in black and white, the carrier of clothing looks back at me. I see women and men, briefly in motion.

The next building looks unfinished, tilted on its side; a spatial sculptural-drawing from battens stands in space. Leaning towards one side is a kind of travel-kit (blankets on a simple frame); on the other side is something like a door.

The third house has walls and roof, is this the house of arrival, the destination? Another travel-kit and a slightly surreal bowl with two cast hands at the bottom. Whether the stay here is permanent or not remains open to question.

...from Jens Peter Koervers text Walking class