In a world where violence and the underlying risks have become routine issues, we 
look at the fragility of life with all its opportunities and possibilities, giving priority to feelings and 
emotions. Both of us have a fairly large cultural background and broad experience of different 
cultures and different countries; we belong to a new variety that should really be termed “world 
citizens”. The wish to enhance the value of the everyday, literature, poetry and music are inspira-
tional topics in our work. 

We were looking for poetry in life, being able to cheer for those little moments that life consists of, 
yet are mostly ignored. We do not feel stuck in the labyrinth everyday; we started caring about our 
attitudes towards ourselves or in relation to our environment. At the beginning we worked with 
collage that consists of humorous depictions of our behavior, our emotions and our state of mind, 
a rediscovery, our tool was simply a positive mental attitude. Does this sound simplistic? 
That doesn’t mean it was easy. To acquire the proper mindset takes time but, once we had done so, 
it was like coming out of a dark tunnel into bright light. To fill this attitude with warm and bright colors. 
To play with language and its power, we like, to provide a push to the viewer so they can make their 
own universe, we also like. In this long process of our work, our attitude towards ourselves has 
become much more free, open and tolerant. Our study has became our playground.

One fine summer day, a significant event occurred in our studio: a large green Grasshopper suddenly 
appeared there. This Grasshopper gave us a new source of inspiration and we tried to find out more 
information about him. We learned something very special, namely the various possibilities he has 
available for immediate action: he can jump, fly, walk and make sounds. He uses all of these qualities 
to move on in life. The grasshopper image became a metaphor, a symbol of attitude, an attitude to 
succeed in the everyday conflicts of life, significant or trivial. 

This graphic element is the common theme in our work; he is there to remind us about our attitude 
to our own reflection. We adopt the attitude of the Grasshopper whe ever we feel trapped and unable 
to change focus, enabling us to use our diverse mental attitudes. 

He has become the symbol that identifies us.